Inverter Lift GD300L


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INVT is the market leader in Asia in the Lift sector
INVT is able to provide a wide range of control solutions for the elevator sector. The range of specific products for this sector ranges from integrated control systems (inverter + integrated control board) of the EC100 / EC160 series up to standalone inverters with specific integrated lift functions such as the GD300L model.

GD300L, INVT’s complete and performing lift inverter
Operating in hundreds of thousands of elevators, on every continent, GD300L is the most representative product of the INVT production specific for the LIFT sector.

GD300L is an inverter characterized by a simple and intuitive commissioning, complete functionality and various optional expansion cards to adapt it perfectly to different types of use.
GD300L is suitable both for standard lifts (with or without feedback) rather than for high performance gearless systems. Through a specific RESCUE kit it is possible to integrate the return to the floor function through the emergency power supply from batteries.

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