PLC Series B1z and B1


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Ultra-compact non-expandable PLCs B1z

B1z is the Fatek PLC proposal, not expandable, for medium and low complexity applications in the industrial sector and beyond.

The B1z series PLCs are offered at prices equivalent or lower than competitive low performance solutions, such as intelligent relays, but also offer computing power and functionality worthy of much higher-end machines.

The B1z series features floating point computing capabilities, motion solutions, fast count inputs and outputs (up to 50KHz as standard) and integrated RS232 and 485 communication ports.

Compact expandable PLC series B1

B1 is the most successful family within the FATEK range. A series of ultra-compact expandable PLCs, with slim format, capable of top-of-the-range performance.

Integrated CPU units with a minimum of 10 up to a maximum of 60 I / O, expansion modules up to 128 I / O, analog inputs and outputs, Ethernet option and integrated positioning functions.
B1 allows the installation of expansion modules to the left or right of the main CPU. On the left side it is possible to install analog expansion modules and / or communication modules (max one analog + a single COM port), on the right of the CPU it is possible to integrate the digital I / O modules and any analog modules or multichannel temperature.

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