TECNO BI is a dynamic Italian entrepreneurial reality that has been operating in the sector of components for industrial automation for over 30 years, with a range of action that extends beyond the borders of the European market.

With a single warehouse in Italy, precise and professional technical support, a modern repair laboratory and fast and efficient commercial support, TECNO BI has always been a constantly growing reality.

Since 1998 the name of TECNO BI has been immediately associated with the TOSHIBA brand and, since 2005, also with the WEINTEK brand of which TECNO BI has become, in a short time, one of the main global partners.

The partnership with FATEK, the long experienced Taiwanese PLC manufacturer, allowed TECNO BI to provide complete solutions, for our customer needing a total integration between HMI, PLC and drives.

Today the TECNO BI proposal is enriched with new and important collaborations.

First and foremost INVT, the dynamic Asian company recognized globally as one of the leading manufacturers, globally, of drive, inverter and servo solutions with an incredible quality / price / performance ratio.

APLEX Technology, on the other hand, is a historic Taiwanese multinational leader in the industrial computing sector and immediately recognized for the high build quality of its products.

The history of TOSHIBA coincides with the global evolution of the concepts of robotics and industrial automation, for over 150 years.

From the synergy TECNO BI – TOSHIBA a player of absolute importance is born in the field of Factory Automation, able to offer the customer a range of concrete and effective solutions and services to promptly respond to any need. At the Sassuolo site, in an area of ​​over 6000sqm, TECNO BI hosts the entire range of TOSHIBA inverters, up to 630KW, ready for delivery.

In the same structure there are all the technical support “facilities” before and after sales: a training / conference room with over 50 places for training customers, a complete and structured repair laboratory, trained and competent technical figures for support telephone online and on-site.

TECNO BI is one of Weintek’s main global partners, exclusively distributing the operator terminals and Industry 4.0 devices of the dynamic Taiwanese company, now indisputably recognized as one of the leaders in the design and production of multi-protocol industrial touch screen operator terminals ; capable of offering a wide range of man-machine interfacing solutions all characterized by a high level of performance and build quality, without compromise!

INVT, an Asian multinational founded in 2002, with over 3,000 employees, and listed on the stock exchange since 2010, is one of the world’s leading players in the power electronics and electronic drives sector, with a boundless range of solutions designed for any type of application. .

From standard inverters to those for the lift sector, from regenerative solutions to medium and high voltage converters up to several MW of power, from compact servo systems to customer-specific products, over 1,000,000 INVT drives are installed in the most varied industrial applications , everywhere in the world. Today INVT can boast a unique list of references that grows day by day, thousands of satisfied customers with an unmatched value for money.

APLEX TECHNOLOGY is synonymous with industrial computing.

APLEX is one of the few global companies specialized exclusively in the industrial PC sector and capable of producing, internally, all the parts that make up its products. From mechanics to motherboards, even to LCD displays, everything comes from companies that are part of the same group to which APLEX belongs. This total control of production allows us to maintain indisputable quality standards and to respond in real time to market needs.

Whatever the application need, APLEX can provide an optimal response with a wide and transversal range of Box PCs, Monitors and Panel PCs, from standard products to more sectorial products (marine, rail, food & beverage, Atex) with fast delivery times. and competitive prices in relation to the actual quality of the products.

FATEK is a historical and consolidated reality in the world of compact PLCs.

Founded in 1992 in Taiwan, this company is generally recognized for the quality and reliability of its products and above all for the simplicity of programming that has always characterized it. Today the range of FATEK solutions offers answers both to basic technical needs but also to those who need something more, while still maintaining significant economic advantages compared to the alternative proposals of competitors and guaranteeing, always and in any case, the best combination of quality, performance and size.

Customer training

Continuous support for the sales force and customers through an intense and continuous training activity

Online support

Professional and timely telephone and online support to resolve any type of problem in minutes

Onsite support

Onsite assistance, in Italy and abroad, when the customer needs timeliness and certainty in starting up machines or systems and for solving complex problems

Our stock

A unique warehouse in Italy, which has always been the pride of our company. Over 20,000 inverters ready for delivery between the TOSHIBA and INVT brands, with powers up to 630KW. The entire Weintek range available in thousands of pieces in stock and available for shipment within 24 hours


TECNO BI has extensive facilities dedicated to the training of customers, distributors and system integrators. TECNO BI cyclically organizes (usually every two months) training courses of different levels and for all products in its portfolio. Contact us to find out about our updated course calendar.


TECNO BI has been a company in continuous and strong growth for over 30 years. The strengthening of our presence on the Italian market and the expansion towards some important European markets have allowed us, quickly, to become the main partner, worldwide, of the main brands we distribute: Toshiba, Weintek, Invt and Fatek.