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IE series operator panels
The operator panels of the IE series are the bestsellers of the Weintek range. Available in 4.3 “, 7” and 10 “formats, all widescreen, these HMIs can be used in any industrial application, even complex ones. The construction is solid and reliable thanks to the tropicalization of the PCBs and the circuit solutions of active protection, against short circuits and voltage spikes, on the power supply circuit and towards the communication ports.

The UL and ATEX 2/22 certifications (available for some models) make the IE series panels suitable for installation in machines and systems intended for the North American market and for potentially hazardous environments.
The IE range is the gateway to Industry 4.0. Through the integrated MQTT functions and the possibility of managing the remote assistance function, with the EasyAccess 2.0 application (standard for some models) the operator panel can become the fulcrum of the complete integration between the machine and the management, supervision and control systems , you know local as well as remote.


4.3 “, 7”, 10 “widescreen range
High resolution display, 16 million colors
Powerful 32-bit ARM RISC processors
128MB Flash memory
128MB RAM memory
Ethernet port and USB host port
COM ports RS232 and RS485 2-wire and 4-wire
IP65 front panels
Power supply circuit isolated
Versions with double ethernet port and EasyAccess 2.0 integrated remote assistance function
MT8103 version with Wi-Fi
ATEX certification for some models
Possibility of customizing the front with the customer’s colors and logo

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