Soft Starter TMS9


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TOSHIBA’s most advanced soft starter with an extended range up to 850KW and three-phase control.

Advanced Soft Start for starting and stopping of any type of machine
Never seen a more advanced soft starter. The TMS9 collects the best of the technology available today in the soft start field. In addition to voltage, current and torque control, the TMS9 offers the new AAC self-adaptive control method that allows you to optimize start and stop times through an intelligent self-learning function. The presence of the integrated by-pass (up to 110KW), of the 3/6 wire mode and the possibility of arbitrarily positioning the line / motor connections allow to optimize the installation, reducing costs and facilitating commissioning.

Useful and advanced functions
TMS9 offers useful and exclusive functions such as the possibility to work even with a faulty SCR branch (two-phase control) or the integrated DC braking as standard, for machines with high inertia. These are just some examples of the potential of TMS9.

Advanced control panel
The TMS9 LCD terminal allows you to view texts in 8 different languages. The graphic display shows graphs relating to the starting voltage / current curves in real-time while the historical data can be stored in a large log file memory.

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