Inverter GD600


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GD600 is the most innovative inverter ever produced by INVT and designed specifically for the European market.

GD600 is an inverter with multidrive technology. The system consists of a power supply module, available with powers of 45KW, 160KW and 355KW and of converter modules (inverters) available in various sizes, from 1.5KW to 75KW. Both the power supply modules and the inverter modules are extremely compact, from 50 to 150mm wide, depending on the size, for the converters and 100-300mm for the power modules (up to 160KW).

The GD600 power supply modules have a MASTER CANopen communication port through which it is possible to control all the inverter modules and allowing, in the case of using additional field buses, to install a single BUS option on the power supply module and not on the individual inverters. with considerable economic savings.

The advantages of the GD600, compared to a traditional solution are

Reduction of the overall dimensions of the system by at least 30%
Energy savings of at least 30% compared to a traditional inverter, thanks to the sharing of energy on the DC bus
DC bus protection fuses installed as standard in the inverter modules
Use of a single BUS card option in the power supply and not in the individual inverters
STO certified safety shutdown and integrated EMC filter
Ventilation with independent air ducts mechanically isolated from the electronics
Tropicalized PCBs
The GD600 modules allow the installation of two option cards in the dedicated slots.

GD600 can control PM synchronous and asynchronous motors, with or without encoder feedback.

The inverter can operate in speed, torque and position control mode. In addition, the exclusive reactive current control algorithm allows the parallel control of multiple synchronous motors at the same frequency.

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