Inverter VF-NC3



VF-NC3 is the small and powerful Toshiba inverter for applications up to 2.2KW with 230V and 110V single-phase power supply (only up to 0.75KW).

VF-NC3 has the same vector control algorithm of Toshiba VF-S15 inverters allowing excellent motor management even at frequencies close to 0Hz and a maximum torque greater than 200%.

EMC compatibility is guaranteed by a special integrated high attenuation filter that allows compatibility even for civil installations (EN61800-3 C1) without the aid of additional external filters.

For the most aggressive environments, VF-NC3 offers the protective surface treatment of printed circuit boards that allows reliability in any conditions of use.

All VF-NC3 inverters have a control panel and RS485 serial interface with Modbus protocol as standard.

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