Inverter GD350


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GD350 is the universal inverter for any type of electric motor and industrial application
GD350 is the latest addition to INVT. The result of over 5 years of R&D activity, GD350 was created to satisfy any type of application requirement, even the most complex. The innovative vector control algorithm with direct current control “I / F mode”, with or without sensor, the ability to control any type of motor, asynchronous or synchronous, the advanced torque control functions, the integrated positioner, allow the GD350 to be successfully used in medium and high complexity applications.

Endless expansion possibilities
The presence of integrated expansion slots allows to increase the functionality of the GD350 with fieldbus cards (Ethernet, CANopen, Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT, DeviceNet), feedback interfaces (incremental, absolute encoder, resolver), I / O modules, integrated PLC card and Bluetooth module for accessing and programming the inverter via smartphone. The integrated USB port allows a simple and immediate connection to the PC for programming and monitoring the drive.


Output frequency 0.0-630Hz
400V and 600V versions. IP20 or IP54 (400V only)
Vector control with direct sensorless I / F current control or with feedback for PM asynchronous and synchronous motors
Max overload 200% rated current
EMC filter C3 integrated on all models
Integrated braking unit up to 37KW included (30KW for UL type)
STO SIL function 2
N. 4 programmable digital inputs
N. 2 digital inputs / 50KHz pulse train
N. 2 digital outputs, N. 2 relays and N.1 analog output
Speed, torque and position control
Double set of independent motor parameters
Possibility of passing through the heatsink

Data chart for NON UL version

Data Chart for UL VERSION

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