Inverter GD20-EU


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Unsurpassed performance and full equipment at an exceptional price
The GD20-EU series is the bestseller of the INVT range. The extended range, up to 110KW, the presence of the integrated EMC filter with 4KW power (plug in option for sizes up to 2.2KW), the standard braking chopper, up to 37KW power included, make the GD20-EU one of the most complete inverters globally. The sensorless vector control with static or dynamic tuning function allows the GD20-EU to better manage even particularly demanding applications such as translation and lifting machines and systems.

Guaranteed and uncompromising quality
Although belonging to a particularly economical market segment, the GD20-EU series is built with the utmost care and guaranteed for 24 months. The printed circuits that make up the inverter are treated through a special protective painting process that guarantees their resistance even in particularly harsh environments. The burn in, vibration and full load functionality tests, carried out for each individual product at the end of the production line, guarantee total reliability.


Output frequency 0.0-630Hz
Sensorless vector control for asynchronous motors with static or dynamic tuning
Max overload 200% rated current
Integrated C3 EMC filter with 4KW power. Optional add-on filter up to 2.2KW
Integrated DC reactor for sizes over 15KW
Integrated braking unit up to 37KW included
STO SIL 3 or SIL 2 function depending on the models
N. 5 programmable digital inputs
N. 1 50KHz pulse train input
Up to 3 digital outputs and two analog outputs
Advanced PID functionality
Automatic operation timer
Possibility of passing through the heatsink

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