Gateway Industry 4.0 cMT-G0x



The Weintek cMT-G0x Series gateways are the simplest and most economical solution, available on the market, for the construction or revamping of machines and systems with a view to Industry 4.0
cMT-G0x is Weintek’s range of industrial IIoT gateways. These devices allow you to integrate any industrial driver (among the over 300 available) into Industry 4.0 systems through the OPC-UA (compliance Certified) and MQTT protocols or through MSSQL and MYSQL databases.
The family is divided into four products.

cMT-G01 is the gateway designed for new installations. Thanks to the presence of the double Ethernet port, and three COM ports, the cMT-G01 can be connected to any PLC or device included among the 300 managed ethernet and serial drivers. cMT-G02 offers the same functions as the cMT-G01 but offering a Wi-Fi port as an alternative to one of the two ethernet ports of the cMT-G01.

cMT-G03 and cMT-G04 are designed for the revamping of pre-existing systems. In particular, the cMT-G03 is designed to integrate into communication networks through RS232 / RS485 serial ports, while the cMT-G04 operates as a switch for systems based on Ethernet architecture.


Ultra compact size
IIoT / Industry 4.0 gateway for OPC UA and MQTT protocols
Possibility of implementing the EasyAccess 2.0 remote assistance function
Simplified configuration via EasyBuilder PRO or via Web Browser
OPC-UA compliance certification
OPC Server / Client mode
Publisher / Subscriber / Broker MQTT functionality
Integration with MS SQL and MYSQL databases
Wi-Fi interface with antenna on cMT-G02
Ethernet switch (3 ports) on cMT-G04
Simplified wiring COM ports on cMT-G03 through spring terminals

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