Unità di frenatura standard e rigenerative RBU100H



A range of complete solutions for braking any type of load.

INVT produces heavy duty universal braking units both of the standard type (on DBU100H resistor) but also of the regenerative type in the network, RBU100H.

RBU100H transforms the mechanical energy of machines and systems into substantial energy savings
RBU100H is a family of universal regenerative units that allow you to transform the regenerated energy, from machines and systems, into electrical power returned to the power supply network, allowing you to achieve substantial energy savings, compared to the traditional use of braking resistors that dissipate this energy under form of heat.
RBU100H are regenerative units that can be applied to any inverter by connecting to the DC bus and are characterized by heavy duty operation, the regenerative capacity is equal to 100% of the rated power with continuous operation.
The RBU100H modules are available in a power range between 22KW and 630KW, for inverters with 400V or 600 / 690V power supply and are supplied complete with input and output reactor (the input reactor is integrated in the models with power between 22 and 45KW ).
INVT RBU100H solutions are used in lifting applications, centrifuges, industrial washing machines, mills, fans with high inertia, etc.


Range 22KW – 630KW (the power of 630KW can be obtained by paralleling several units)
400V and 600 / 690V versions
Heavy duty operation, continuous regenerative capacity of 100% of the rated power
Input and output reactors supplied as standard
Universal connection to any inverter from any manufacturer as long as it has access to the DC bus
Simple setup
Bus voltage threshold, for activating the unit, freely definable
Automatic activation with detection of the voltage threshold and a definable hysteresis
Manual activation with digital input

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