HMI Series cMT-2008X and 3000X with built in Codesys PLC (option)



The cMT-2008X and cMT-3000X series are the state of the art among the control and monitoring solutions for the industries of the future
The devices of the cMT-X series represent the apex of Weintek’s design and construction capacity; powerful and innovative solutions able to completely manage any machine and industrial plant, not only for the HMI part but also for Industry 4.0 integration (cMT-3000X series only) and for the complete logical management of system functions, thanks to the platform programming tools and the remote I / O of the cMT-iR series.
The cMT-3000X family is divided into six models for screen sizes from 7 “to 15.6”, all equipped with a very high performance processor and a wide range of Flash and RAM memory, to manage any type of project. The quad core architecture of the CPU allows you to separate the execution of HMI tasks from the PLC ones by managing, in an appropriate manner, the execution priorities of the individual processes. Some models offer an IPS display characterized by very high definition and contrast. The touch screen can be resistive or capacitive depending on the models.

The brand new cMT-2008X series, on the other hand, is currently available in 7 ″, 10 ″ (wide) and 15 ″ formats. cMT-2008X is the low cost version of the cMT-3000X series, with which it shares the very powerful quad core CPU but with a lower price, giving up Industry 4.0 features such as OPC-UA, database integration and web functionality.

cMT-2008X / 3000X are also Server of a system based on the famous cMT architecture. The cMT Viewer APP allows you to decentralize the HMI on mobile devices and / or PCs for maximum access flexibility.


1.6 GHz quad core processors for independent management of HMI and PLC processes
Large 4GB Flash memory and 1GB RAM
Decentralized Client / Server system based on the cMT-SVR platform
The IPS display (on some models) guarantees incredible contrast and viewing angles
Integrated Codesys PLC functionality (option)
Complete Industry 4.0 package with OPC UA functions (Server / Client), MQTT, MSSQL and MYSQL database integration (cMT-3000X only) EasyAccess 2.0 remote assistance (standard or optional depending on the model)
Ethernet and CANopen ports (CANopen ports not available in the cMT-2008X series) managed directly by the Codesys task and independent from HMI processes
PLC realtime OS independent of the HMI processes (the PLC is able to operate even with a possible HMI crash)

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