Box PC Series Titan


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A complete series of rugged embedded Box PCs ideal for a wide range of uses
TiTAN is the Aplex Technology embedded box PC range designed to meet the demands of a wide range of industrial applications, where the primary needs are reliability and durability in any condition of use.

The TiTAN range is divided into different product lines depending on the use, from ultra-compact machines for thin client use or for information kiosks to solutions with very high performance for robotics and industrial vision.

The common denominator of the APLEX embedded PC boxes is the build quality and reliability guaranteed over time. The construction is always fanless with a large radiant surface, the components used, from the memory to the discs are always industrial / heavy duty grade, the motherboards are produced by Aplex to ensure, in addition to maximum reliability, also continuity and availability over time.

The TiTAN family and the other Aplex rugged embedded computing solutions are constantly updated and are able to satisfy even specific customer needs, not foreseen for standard products.

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