Servosistemi brushless DA200



DA200 / DA300 compact brushless servo systems
DA200 is a family of compact brushless servo systems that offer excellent performance and completeness of functions at a competitive price. Available in 230V and 400V versions, the DA200 range is made up of systems with power between 100W and 22KW. The DA200 series drives have combined speed / torque / position control modes offering, in a single drive, both traditional discrete controls with digital and analog signals combined with an effective positioning system based on Modbus RTU communication (standard) , CANopen and EtherCAT (optional). The DA200 systems allow excellent dynamic performance thanks to the 2KHz bandwidth and allow the management of extremely precise positioning using motors with 23 bit serial encoder.

DA300 the evolution of the species
DA300 is the natural evolution of the DA200 series. Available (currently) in 220V versions up to 1KW, DA300 allows to reach incredible dynamic performances, thanks to a bandwidth of 3KHz and absolute 23bit encoders as standard for all motors. The DA300 series also has STO functionality for standard models.


Ultra-compact brushless servo systems with powers between 100W and 22KW
Mutliplo speed / torque / position control
Easy set-up with dynamic inertia autotuning
Bandwidth up to 3KHz for maximum dynamic response
Integrated STO functionality for DA300
Integrated positioner for all versions
Motors with standard incremental and absolute 23 bit multiturn encoders
Full closed loop management from second external encoder
Gantry and electronic cam functions (option)
Simulated line driver and push pull encoder outputs
Wide range of I / O: 10 configurable digital inputs and 6 outputs + 3 analog In and 2 Out

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