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Modular solutions MODUS industrial computing

MODUS is the TECNO BI brand that identifies the new and innovative modular PC solutions that allow maximum flexibility in the management of any industrial application.

The MODUS platform consists of four fundamental modules:

  • MP display modules available in sizes from 10 to 27 “, true flat aluminum front IP65, resistive or capacitive touch screen, offered at the same price.
  • MTM monitor module to be attached to MP displays to create the stand alone monitor solution. It offers OSD (On Screen Display) functionality and the ability to manage HDMI, DVI, VGA and DP video signals.
  • MDA fanless PC box module with Pentium N4200 processor, 3 COM ports, 6 USB ports, dual LAN.
  • MDI fanless PC box module in 7th generation Core i3 / i5 / i7 version, 4 COM ports, 6 USB ports, double LAN.

All MODUS systems can operate with ambient temperatures 0-60 ° C and with 12-24Vdc power supply.










The MODUS system offers countless advantages.

A wide possibility of combination between BOX PC modules and display modules, a great ease of upgrade, should the customer decide to modify the system with a display of different sizes or a more performing PC box and finally a simplification of maintenance should it be necessary to replace the display module or the BOX module because it is faulty.

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