Inverter VF-AS3



VF-AS3 is Toshiba’s new large top-of-the-range inverter. A single platform that integrates top-level performance, advanced features for any type of application and maximum connectivity with systems, networks and buses from an INDUSTRY 4.0 perspective.


VF-AS3 is a very high performance vector inverter that allows you to indifferently control asynchronous or synchronous brushless motors with open loop or with encoder / resolver feedback. The maximum torque produced by the motor can already exceed 250% at 0.4Hz in sensorless mode.

The integrated dynamic autotuning function allows to continuously detect the inertia variations of the load and to immediately adapt the gains of the speed / current loops, always ensuring the best dynamic response in any conditions of use.

VF-AS3 can be controlled in speed, torque, position or by combining these modes with each other. The integrated positioner offers several control modes including step / direction mode, positioning on pre-established profiles, angular orientation control for spindles, tool changes or rotary tables and zero position control (servo lock).


VF-AS3 is a single product for any industrial application:
– Pumps and fans (4 independent PID controllers, intelligent pump sequence control, advanced energy saving functions, energy consumption indication, etc., operation timer)
– Compressors (free management of the V / f characteristic, sensorless control of PM motors, 4 independent ACC / DEC ramps, etc.)
– Cranes and gantries (self-adaptation of the speed to the load, division of the load, autotuning of the motor brake, feedback vector control)
– Lifts (open / closed loop vector control, PM motor control with or without feedback, low voltage DC power supply, floor position control, etc.)
– Machine tools (position control, torque control, torque controlled stop on mechanical stop, etc.)
– Mixers, centrifuges, drums (management of high inertia loads, regenerative energy control, self-adaptation of ramps, speed search on the fly, etc.)
– Textile applications (replacement of brushless drives, constant time controlled deceleration, yarn guide function)


VF-AS3 always integrates the EMC filter and the DC inductance for limiting harmonic distortion below the limits of EN / EC 61000-3-12 (civil level THDi <= 48%). The integrated EMC filter allows the use of motor cables up to 150 meters long (depending on the model).

The STO SIL3 safety function is standard and can be expanded with an optional safety module that also adds the SS1 / SS2 / SLS / SBC / SOS / SDC functionalities.

The VF-AS3 inverters are tropicalized as per directive IEC60721-3-3 categories 3C3 and 3S3.

VF-AS3 integrates an Ethernet port (Modbus TCP / IP protocol) for direct interfacing to company networks. The interface has a configurable WEB SERVER that allows access to all the functions of the drive through a simple WEB browser. Optional communication cards are also available for the most common industrial field buses.

The standard integrated keypad has a clear multilingual graphic display for simple and immediate management of inverter programming and monitoring. The keyboard houses a buffer battery for maintaining the RTC (real time clock) function which allows to trace the date and time of each single event (TIME STAMP) as well as the possibility of carrying out cyclic timed operations.

An exclusive feature of the VF-AS3 is the management of QR codes, in the event of an anomaly, which allow quick access to alarm information on any smartphone with QR CODE READER function.

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