Client/Server HMI system cMT-SVR



The decentralized solutions cMT-SVR definitively revolutionize the concept of HMI!
cMT-SVR is the historic and innovative HMI platform designed by Weintek to revolutionize the concept of industrial operator panel.

The cMT-SVR architecture is based on the idea of ​​client / server and on the dematerialization and decentralization of the operator panel in the machine or plant.

In the cMT-SVR logic any Windows PC, smartphone, tablet, with Android or iOS operating systems can be the operator panel of an industrial process. The cMT-SVR devices are the SERVER of the system and are programmed with EB PRO like any Weintek operator panel, for the realization of the project and the communication with the PLC drivers.

The clients of the system will be the dedicated cMT-IV6 panels or any PC, tablet or smartphone where the free cMT-Viewer app has been installed.

In the cMT-SVR system, each client can access all the servers in the network (up to a maximum of 50 that can be managed simultaneously with the MONITOR MODE) and up to 10 clients can connect simultaneously to each SERVER, operating simultaneously without “disturbing” with the asynchronous access mode.


Innovative decentralized HMI solution based on Client / Server architecture
Any device, PC, Tablet or smartphone with Windows, Android or iOS OS can become the operator panel of the machine or system.
Up to 10 simultaneous asynchronous client accesses to a single server
Up to 50 servers can be controlled simultaneously by a single client in MONITOR MODE with dynamic preview of a project page of each server
Automatic project upload for clients
“Token” function that allows a client to take control of certain server functions to avoid simultaneous concurrent actions
OPC-UA and remote assistance function available

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