HMI Series XE


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XE series operator panels
XE is Weintek’s range of ultra-high performance HMIs. Featuring the ultra-performing 1GHz Cortex A8 processor and a large amount of memory, these operator panels represent the highest expression of HMI solutions available on the market today.

The large 4: 3 9.7 “, 12” and 15 “displays, high resolution, with a wide reading angle, allow you to manage graphically very complex projects, typical of large industrial plants. The aluminum construction (for the 12 “MT8121XE and 15” models) combined with the special design features (PCB tropicalization, double insulation of power supply and communication ports) make the XE series suitable for installation in particularly difficult situations both for the environmental characteristics and the presence of electromagnetic disturbances.

The IPS displays, available for some models, guarantee definition and contrast unmatched by normal TFTs.
The XE terminals can offer the EasyAccess 2.0 remote assistance function for perfect integration in the Industry 4.0 environment.


9.7 “, 12”, 15 “range with 4: 3 format
Aluminum construction for 12 “(MT8121XE) and 15”
High resolution display, up to 16 million colors
Powerful CORTEX A8 1GHz processors
Flash memory 256MB / 512MB
256MB RAM memory
Ethernet port and USB host port
COM ports RS232 and RS485 2-wire and 4-wire
IP65 / IP66 front panels
Power supply circuit isolated
Versions with double ethernet port and EasyAccess 2.0 integrated remote assistance function
Atex certification for some models
Possibility of customizing the front with the customer’s colors and logo

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