GD270 is the new INVT inverter designed for normal load applications such as pumps, fans, air compressors, refrigeration compressors, etc. Featuring an ulta-compact book format, the GD270 is available in a tange of power ratings from 1.5KW to 500KW, with 400Vac power class. GD270 comes standard with EMC filters level C2 up to 22kW power and C3 for subsequent sizes.

The GD270 inverter is suitable for driving asynchronous motors and pemanent magnet synchronous motors indifferently.

GD270 offers as standard all the features required of an inverter intended to drive pumps or fans.


Among them:


  • Superior energy efficiency with ECO MODE
  • Advanced multi-pump control
  • Dual PID controller
  • Fire Mode
  • Condensation prevention and antifreeze function
  • Pump block prevention function
  • Fan belt breakage management
  • Advanced management of power supply voltage dips

GD270 inverters also offer dual expansion slots and compatibility to major fieldbuses: Profinet, Profibus, CANopen, at launch.

Inverter circuit boards are protected for use in harsh environmental conditions.

Finally, GD270 is offered at an extremely competitive price, such that it is a cost-effective and technically advantageous solution compared to classic soft-start applications.