Display-less HMI with video out mTV-100


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MTV-100 display-less HMI device
mTV-100 belongs to Weintek’s family of “blind” HMI devices. mTV100, together with its older brother cMT-FHD (information available in the section relating to cMT products) represents an ingenious and economical solution for the realization of large HMI solutions, which can use very normal TVs (or more or less monitors industrialized) as a visualization system for the projects created with the EasyBuilder PRO application.

mTV-100 has an HDMITM video output with a maximum resolution of 1280×720 px. The same output also supports audio signals that can be reproduced through the screen amplification system.

With the practical USB Host interface, pointing devices such as mice and trackpads can be connected to the mTV-100, thus allowing bidirectional interaction with the project.
By purchasing an optional EasyAccess 2.0 license, mTV-100 can perform the function of a remote assistance module for remote access to the machine or system.


Smart and economically competitive blind HMI solution
HD Ready 1280×720 px video output
Total compatibility with EasyBuilder PRO and with IE and XE series terminals
USB port for interfacing mice, trackpads or other pointing devices
256MB flash memory. 256MB RAM memory
Operating temperature -20 / + 55 ° C
Three COM ports and one Ethernet port
CE and UL compliance
Power supply 24Vdc +/- 20%. Consumption 230mA
EasyAccess 2.0 remote assistance function available as an option.

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